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If you are in search of kitchen lights in Northampton, you will love the collection available here at IOS Lighting. The kitchen has become the social hub of our homes as the most used room in many properties so having the right kitchen lights fitted is essential to its appearance. With so many design options the kitchen it’s no wonder people can find this part of the house so daunting to decorate. The kitchen lighting however should and can be a very exciting part of this venture as it complements the style and feel you have created.

The layering of lighting is a common practice of most designers now, with people wanting a practical light for cooking and a more atmospheric light for dining. This can be achieved through dimmable recessed LED down lights which can offer a good working light as well as having the option to dim for a more delicate or relaxed feel. The positioning of down lights is very important, if you are unsure about where they should go or how many please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Once you have the practical lighting down its time to get creative, look at the space you have on offer, do you have an island or breakfast bar that could be more of a feature? By layering your kitchen light fixtures, the light output of your decorative fittings is not so important as this is really more of a finishing touch to the room rather than a light source. Oversized single pendants can make a great feature over a dining table, whereas two of three smaller pendants over an island can create different zones in the kitchen.

It really does come down to the design and feel of the kitchen but there are so many options these days including under cupboard lighting which can really give your kitchen the pop it needs.

View our kitchen lights collection in full below. Alternatively, visit our shop to view our kitchen lights in Northampton or get in touch with us today if you have any questions or would like to find out further information.

Knot LED Telescopic Pendant

High quality adjustable LED pendant in matt silver finish. Height max 99 cm min 60 cm Diameter 74 cm Built in 45 watt LED, 3000K. Dimmable version available.

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Liden Telescopic Pendant

Height adjustable 3 light pendant in gloss white and chrome detail. Height max 90 cm min 60 cm Width 74 cm Depth 20 cm E14 Lamp holders for golf balls.

Call To Order 01604 300 137

Brandon Telescopic Pendant

Height adjustable 5 light pendant in matt white and nickel. Height max 97 cm min 60 cm Diameter 94 cm E27 Lamp holders Part of a large range. Other colours available.

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Madagascar LED Pendant

Twisted circular adjustable LED pendant in sand white finish. Other sizes available Height max 200 cm min 30 cm Diameter 76 cm Built in 36 watt LED, 3000K. 2520 lumens

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